Easy Way To Fix Oledb Oledbeexception Unspecified Error Issues

If you’re getting an oledb oledbeexception unspecified error, today’s article is here to help you.

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    System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException: Unknown error CAUSE The ASP.NET web application that creates the impersonation element is set to true in the Web.config file and has the authentication element that Windows has in the Web.config file. under a fake account.

    oledb oledbexception unspecified error

    Unspecified Error

    Description: An unhandled error occurred during execution, including the current web request. Post a stack trace to learn more about the error and the source of the code. Exception Details: System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException: Undefined error

    C#/ASP.NET Oledb-MS Excel Using “Unspecified Error”. (8th)

    I don’t know what is causing your error, but I understand that practically repeating leaf records in these data tables doesn’t make sense given the code you provided. In addition, you can group using statements together to avoid deep nesting, and in addition, the .Fill() method has overloads that allow you to use a table theme or even connect directly to a table instead of just using the entire record.. Either seems like a much better choice than just returning a nice, reliable dataset with one unnamed table.

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    Un Modo Semplice Per Risolvere I Problemi Di Errore Non Specificato Di Oledb Oledbeexception